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Vhelp is a non commercial organisation which was founded in Russia. It organizes many social projects around Russia and hosts international volunteers . Besides that we partner with like-minded projects world-wide and help volunteers to participate in other countries too, so you can always choose.

Vhelp is first and foremost a community of people striving for a conscious lifestyle and self-awareness. Therefore, the projects in our database are those who also support the following:

Ecology and Sustainabilty

- Educational projects about saving our planet by less consumption and sorting
- Ahimsa projects saving animal's livies.

Service to the world

Projects where you learn for unconditional service and finding happiness in helping others.

Self - realization

Projects which help people to find themselves, grow spiritually and find answers to their questions.


Eco - project

eco / education

Teaching English

children / education

Teaching English

children / education
Different cities

Food for Life

food disctribution


Eco - village and center of Indian Culture

eco / organic farm / animals / yoga / community / spiritual  

Family organic farm

eco / organic farm  / community

Eco - community

eco / organic farm / community

Meditation center

Yoga / meditation / eco /  farm

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As volunteer

If you would like to join one of our projects in Russia or abroad, please fill the following form. After that we will contact you and discuss all details:

What project would you like to join, dates, length and any other information or question you would like to share

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As partner organization

If you are an organization and would like to cooperate with us in regards of receiving Vhelp volunteers or sending your volunteers to Vhelp projects, please fill the following form:

Please briefly describe your interest in cooperation with us

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Ekaterina and Diana

Volunteer abroad program: Hostel in Israel

"Our volunteering in Israel lasted five weeks, but it felt like the fairy tale flew by in a second. We worked six hours a day, five days a week. The main duty was to keep the hostel clean, we served breakfast in the morning, and prepared rooms for arrival in the afternoon. guests, in the evening they put the whole hostel in order. This is a youthful, colorful place where interesting guys from all over the world gather. Every evening there are parties on the roof, but in the morning and afternoon we had the opportunity to chill out in a swimming pool. The place is imbued with atmosphere. fun, so that every day of being there seems like a fiery party. For me, this type of vacation while you are a student is ideal. For six hours of work a day we had accommodation and food. And on weekends we could travel around the country and stay at the night in these hostels is free. That is awesome! "


Volunteer abroad program. Hostel in Vietnam

“I already wrote a review about an internship in China and now I decided to try to volunteer in Vietnam from DoGlobal. I ended up in the city of Da Nang - the safest and cleanest city in Vietnam. It is located right on the coast of the South China Sea, with a very pleasant climate. And it was of course fortunate that there were very few Russians working in the hostel consisted of helping the staff: working at breakfast, conducting city tours and helping at the rooftop bar.
The good thing about working at the hostel is that literally every day there is an endless stream of backpackers (backpackers who travel around Southeast Asia). People are absolutely from all over the world, and, of course, you can make a bunch of acquaintances, or cooperate with someone and just continue to travel after volunteering. Basically, this is exactly what these people inspired me to.
Naturally, hostels provide free accommodation and meals. And, of course, they explain the whole essence of the work in advance, conduct trainings with other volunteers (it may also be that there are already volunteers from other countries - I worked with the French, Swiss, Portuguese).
In general, I liked everything, there are not even enough words to say how much Asia conquered me! After this trip, I am determined to return there without fail, drive through the nearest countries and, of course, look into the same hostel, because there are a lot of local Vietnamese friends left there.
I strongly advise you to visit these places, not necessarily in Vietnam - you can go to Malaysia, Thailand or India - the experience will be colossal and Asia will conquer you as well as me! "

Проект: Волонтерство в молодежном хостеле во Вьетнаме, Дананг

Irina and Olga

Volunteer abroad program: Hostel in Thailand

"I wanted to say a huge thank you !!!!!! This is the best island, with a finger to the sky and immediately to paradise, we still cannot come to our senses and come to terms with the idea that we are at home. The hostel has become a real family, the best people , the coolest hostel! We are happy that we have been there. I don’t know how to describe in words all the emotions that we experienced, but this is the best experience, full immersion in English! Our hostel has become our home, family, and in general already we miss you and next year we plan to go again))) I am so grateful to you, a month of happiness))))


Volunteer abroad program: Farm project in France 

"Hello everyone! My name is Valery and this summer I visited France as a volunteer. I want to express my deep gratitude to Doglobal (Vhelp is one of DoGlobal's projects) and especially Julia who helped me find what I was looking for. It was a very useful and unforgettable experience, starting from meeting the host and ending with arriving home. Being on this volunteer project, I learned a lot, and also made new friends from different countries of the world. I think that everything I got during this time is priceless!
I can say with confidence that this is not my last collaboration with Doglobal! The next ones I will definitely spend my trip with you! Thank you for being you!